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Measure of Cardiovascular Endurance: The Step Test

Please fill in all fields before asking the form to calculate your results.

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To run the test, please follow these steps:

1. Push the Start Pacer button below to start the word "STEP" flashing if you haven't already.
Each time it flashes, the subject should take a step one leg at a time: up, up, down, down (1, 2. 3. 4)
being one full step up and back to starting position.

2. Use the flashing text above for a guide to count out the rate of 30 steps per minute.
Start the timer below and have subject step up 20" for men and 16" for women for five minutes if possible.
If not possible, be sure to click on the stop button to stop the timer to keep track of how long they exercised.
You will use this figure below for calculations.

3. Please enter the amount of time spent stepping in minutes and seconds.

Time:                 Minutes    Seconds 

4. Let subject rest for 60 seconds, then take pulse (heart rate) for 30 seconds.
Please enter number of heart beats during the 30 second time period after the 60 seconds of rest.

Heart Rate:  

5. Click on the button to assess your condition using the above figures.

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